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NICHE — radiological sign of an ulceration of a wall of a gullet, stomach or gut.

Fig. 1. The survey roentgenogram of a stomach at a peptic ulcer: on small curvature of a body of the stomach filled with contrast weight the profile niche is visible (it is specified by an arrow).
Fig. 2. The roentgenogram of the exit end of a stomach and a bulb of a duodenum at a peptic ulcer: the arrow specified a roundish contrast spot in a bulb of a duodenum (a niche of a relief).

On N.'s roentgenogram can have an appearance of a limited ledge on a contour of the body filled with a contrast agent — so-called profile N. (fig. 1) or a resistant spot on the image of a relief — an inner surface of body — a so-called niche of a relief (fig. 2).

The N can be found at rentgenol, a research on an occasion of many diseases went. - kish. a path, followed by its ulceration, napr, peptic ulcer, colitis, cancer, sarcoma, syphilis, etc. In some cases, napr if ulcer defect is filled with the food, necrotic masses or slime, is covered with an edematous mucous membrane, etc., N. can not be defined.

In differential diagnosis the signs characterizing as directly N., and a condition of sites of body, adjacent to it (see are of great importance additional rentgenol. Stomach, table ).

See also articles devoted to diseases went. - kish. path, e.g. Colitis , Peptic ulcer etc.

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