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NICE (Nice) — the climatic seaside resort in the south of France located on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea in a bay of Angels. NICE — the main town of department the Maritime Alps, one of the centers of extensive Kurortny district — French riviera, or the French Riviera. From the North the resort town is protected from cold winds by mountains. Climate of the Mediterranean type: average annual temperature 15,7 °, summer very warm (average monthly temperature of July 22 °), winter soft (average monthly temperature of January 7 °). Rainfall apprx. 1000 mm a year. Number of rainy days in a year to 65, a maximum of rainfall in the fall and at least in the summer. In N. one of the largest melkopeschany beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, dense subtropical vegetation. The main to lay down. a factor — the soft solar seaside subtropical climate giving the chance to carry out a climatotherapy all the year round. A season of sea bathings — since the end of May to the middle of November. In the resort there are numerous hotels, boarding houses and sanatoria.

Nice. Habit view of the resort town.

Indications: funkts, diseases of a nervous system, a disease of exchange (obesity, a diabetes mellitus, etc.), nek-ry went. - kish. diseases.

N — J. Garibaldi's homeland. In one of its old quarters, at the cemetery located on a slope of the hill the great Russian rnvolyutsioner-democrat A. I. Herzen is buried. There are museums of the famous artists A. Matisse and M. Chagall.

The N is the large center of tourism.

Every year in it the International festival of books and publishing houses will be organized.

V. V. Poltoranov.