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NEUROVASCULAR BUNCH — the anatomic and functional complex of educations consisting of an artery, two-three veins, limf, vessels and a nerve (neuroplex), being in friable not properly executed connecting fabric and surrounded with a fascial vagina.

Pages - N of the item — widespread educations, meet on extremities, a trunk, a neck and a face. The central main vessels — an aorta, pulmonary, brachiocephalic and celiac trunks, and also vessels of a brain and internals of S. - N of the item do not create. Components C. - N of the item are connected among themselves. Nerves (see) at the expense of the branches — nerves of vessels (nervi vasorum) — provide an innervation of the next arteries, veins and limf, vessels. Arteries (see) by means of the branches (vasa nervorum, vasa vasorum) — arteries of nerves (arteriae nervorum), arteries of veins (arteriae venarum) and arteries limf, vessels (arteriae vasorum lymphaticorum) — krovosnab-zhat respectively a nerve, a wall of veins and limf, vessels. In veins and limf. S.'s vessels - the N of the item comes outflow of a venous blood and lymph from all bunch in general. In large S. - N of the item owing to anastamosing suitable to an artery, veins and a nerve of vessels form paravazalny and paraneural vascular paths. The friable not properly executed connecting fabric surrounding S. - N of the item, participates in regeneration of vascular and nervous structures at damage of vessels and nerves. On paravazalny and para-neural connecting fabric of large S. - N of the item spread of hematomas and purulent accumulations is possible. Considering a close anatomic and functional linkage of components C. - N of the item, at operative measures on vessels and nerves it is recommended not to allocate them on a considerable extent because of danger of damages of vasa vasorum, vasa nervorum et nervi vasorum.

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S. S. Mikhaylov.