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MUTILATION — intentional causing by the recruit or serviceman of harm to the health for the purpose of evasion from military service. Responsibility for mutilation is provided in the criminal code of RSFSR and other federal republics.

Mutilation was the frequent phenomenon in imperial army. In a crust, time in our country doctors of the draft commissions and bodies should meet cases of dissimulation (see) when recruits hide diseases or defects of the health interfering military service.

Mutilation can be committed by means of drawing a mechanical injury by means of firearms, stupid and acute tools, vehicles; by artificial calling of symptoms of this or that disease, and also weighting of already available disorder of health with use or without use of any means (see. Artificial diseases, Simulation).

At mutilation or at suspicion surely appoint court to it. - medical examination. Detailed studying of the facts of the case shall precede its carrying out: versions of the suspect about circumstances, at to-rykh damage is sustained or there was a disease, the protocol of inspection of the scene (at bruises), medical documents. In the course of examination the court is made. - medical survey of the suspect (see Survey), a research of material evidences — the damaged clothes or footwear, the chopped-off parts of a brush or foot, laying if they were used during the drawing injury, tools of an injury, etc. (see. Material evidences). At suspicion on mutilation by causing a mechanical injury participation court is necessary. - the medical expert in carrying out an investigative experiment, in time to-rogo the suspect reproduces the version of emergence of damages. Court. - medical examination resolves issues of existence and the nature of damages, the mechanism of their emergence, the tool of an injury, severity of damages, possibilities of their causing to itself or with assistance in those conditions and under those circumstances, to-rye the suspect brings. Court. - medical examination does not resolve an issue of intention (i.e. existence of mutilation) or imprudence; these issues are resolved by legal bodies.

At the artificial diseases or actions directed to weighting of already available disorder of health in process court. - medical examinations need to be carried out full a wedge, inspection of the suspect, to study medical documentation during the time preceding a disease. Treatment is not appointed, as a rule, before the end of inspection and establishment of the diagnosis (if the condition of the patient does not demand rendering urgent medical aid). During inspection for the patient constant observation of medical staff shall be established. Bibliography: Avdeev M. PI. Judicial

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