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MURDER — intentional or careless illegal deprivation of the person of life; sort of violent death.

At. it can be made by physical impact on a human body (drawing bruises, strangulation, etc.), with use of natural forces and natural phenomena (drowning, overcooling), and also sources of the increased danger (electric current, vehicles, various mechanisms, etc.). At. it can be connected and with inaction of the person, a duty to-rogo prevention of life-threatening circumstances is if there was such opportunity. In all cases between action or inaction of the guilty person and the death of the victim the causal relationship shall be established; in disclosure its big role belongs with ud. - medical examination.

Establishment of the fact U. — prerogative of investigation authorities and court. Court. - the medical expert shall establish. whether there are damages and what their role in approach of death. As the intention or imprudence iye can be established in the analysis of the damages which were the reason of approach of death as a result of action or inaction of other person with ud. - the medical expert diagnoses only category of death (violent, nonviolent) and its type (reason), but not a sort of death (murder, suicide, accident).

The law establishes criminal liability for different types U. Naiboley a heavy look At. — intended At., at Krom the person, it with about in e r sh and in sh e e, with zn and in and l oh, that with about - vershayemy action by it or the allowed inaction can lead to the death of other person and wished or consciously allowed it. Intended At. it can be made under the aggravating circumstances (mercenary or hooligan motives, At. the person fulfilling the office or public duty. At. with special cruelty or way, life-threatening many people, for the purpose of concealment of other crime or interfaced to rape, At. two and more persons or At. the pregnant woman, if the guilty person knew that she is pregnant At., made because of blood feud, etc.) and without the aggravating circumstances or in the heat of passion, caused by violence or a great insult from the victim.

The law provides also criminal liability for At. at exceeding of limits of necessary defense and for At. on imprudence (as a result of criminal self-confidence of the guilty person when he, expecting the death of the victim, thoughtlessly counted on its prevention) or as a result about that n ache negligences.

See also Violent death.

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