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MUCIC ACID (synonym: mutsinovy acid, galaktarovy acid) — hydroxy-dibasic six-carbon acid, C 6 H 10 O 8 , isomer of saccharic acid. And animals are not acquired by a human body. It is formed at oxidation on aldehydic and primary D-galactoses spirit group (see. Galactose ) or galaktozosoderzhashchy connections, including. lactoses (see), mucilages, etc.

S.'s education to. during the processing of urine as nitric to - serves that as qualitative test on a galactose or lactose (so-called test of Kolmer — Bernera): add 25 ml to 100 ml of the urine measured in a porcelain casserole concentrated nitric to - you, mix and evaporate; if urine contained a galactose or lactose, at the bottom of a cup there is a white deposit of mucic acid.

See also Oxyacids .

V. K. Gorodetsky.