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MORBID CONDITION — the resistant aberration having biologically negative value for an organism.

In medical literature the term «morbid condition» is used and in a broader sense — for designation of the available temporary, passing deviations of various parameters of a homeostasis, irrespective of their duration, napr, adverse shifts of chemical and gas composition of blood * and also separate stages patol, processes, napr, a posthemorrhagic state, a post-asphyxial state.

Items of page can arise in result - nek-rykh the genetic defects which are not leading to development of the progressing disease process or owing to defects of pre-natal development, napr, a polydactylia, some forms of incomplete closing of the vertebral channel (spina bifida), an inborn clubfoot and: other uglinesses. P. is frequent the page is a consequence of earlier transferred pathological process (see) or diseases (see), napr, effects: injuries: hems, loss of an extremity or its part, lameness, ankiloza, nearthroses, and also a blindness after an injury of an eye; the condition of jaws after an exodontia, etc. is pathological. The spinal tuberculosis postponed at children's age leads to development of a hump, rickets — to other defects of skeleton structure.

Usually P. the page does not contain direct premises to noticeable dynamics and is exposed to generally age changes, to-rye and can be P.'s sources of page (e.g., an atrophy of muscles, skin and other fabrics, dedentition, the termination of functions of nek-ry closed glands, far-sightedness, decrease in visual acuity and hearing). However P. the page can lead to emergence secondary more or less quickly developing patol, processes or diseases. E.g., removal or dedentition leads to process of an atrophy of alveolar shoots of a jaw, and in the absence of prostheses or their defects can cause serious digestive disturbances. The resistant cicatricial esophageal stenosis or a pylorus is capable to cause life-threatening disturbances of functions of the alimentary system. The cicatricial changes of valves of heart arising as an effect of an endocarditis lead to heart disease with numerous naturally developing patol, the phenomena: a hypertrophy of a myocardium, stagnation of blood in internals, hypostases, etc. The page under the influence of various additional influences can sometimes pass P. in quickly developing patol, process; e.g., a birthmark under the influence of repeated mechanical irritations, At Physical l of doctrines — in a melanosarcoma.

The item of page differs from patol, process as relative stability, and the fact that patol, process, as a rule, includes the expressed protective and adaptive reactions of an organism to pathogenic influence.

Bibliography: See bibliogr, to St. Pathological process .

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