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MILITARY FORENSIC MEDICAL EXAMINATION — the special type of military-medical examination which is carrying out all types of medicolegal, criminalistic and judicial and chemical examination for bodies of military justice.

Prior to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War of any organization which was engaged in carrying out court. - medical examination for bodies of military

justice, in Red Army did not exist. If necessary court. - medical examination was carried out by civil expert institutions on places, and also at department of forensic medicine of VMA of S. M. Kirov and in pathoanatomical departments of military hospitals. Large volume court. - medical researches fell on pathoanatomical department of the Moscow communistic hospital (nowadays Main military clinical hospital of the academician N. N. Burdenko) where opening of corpses of the military personnel was carried out. In necessary cases for a konsult

of a tion on court. - to medical questions in pathoanatomical departments civil specialists were invited.

Military events on the lake Hassan, Halkhin-Gola, and then the Soviet-Finnish conflict demanded

strengthening of preparation and in the field of military court. - medical examinations.

A big merit in the organization

court. - medical services in Red Army belongs to A. A. Vasilyev and R. D. Stern.

The first instructions about military court. - medical examination contained in situation «About Pathoanatomical Work in Red Army» (1941), in Krom rules of production court were defined. - medical openings. During an initial stage of the Great Patriotic War court. - medical examination in troops was provided with specialists of pathoanatomical laboratories (PAL), further for service of bodies of military justice of fronts, armies, the fleet and flotillas was organized independent military court. - medical examination (the front, army, the fleet, a flotilla), and at the Head military and sanitary department (nowadays Master military-medical control of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR) — the Central medicolegal laboratory, the chief the cut at the same time was also the chief forensic scientist of the Soviet Army. Organizer and first head military court. - medical examinations there was M. I. Avdeev. In wartime court. - medical experts resolved the important expert issues connected with specifics of conducting combat operations: a research of the fire damage sustained new samples of weapon, damages by bullets of a special purpose as a result of explosions of grenades and their fuses; surveys in cases, suspicious on simulation (see) and mutilation (see) etc. In days of the Great Patriotic War judicial physicians took active part in work of the State extraordinary commission on investigation of fascist crimes — conducted examination mass * burials, places of an execution, concentration camps, etc. They helped to determine the facts of the terrible crimes against humanity committed in relation to prisoners of war and civilians of the Soviet Union and a number of countries of Eastern Europe.

On officials court. - medical institutions of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR the following duties are assigned: implementation of judicial

medical, criminalistic and judicial and chemical examination; carrying out scientific development of questions, urgent for military examination; consultation on questions of examination of bodies of military justice and inquiry; the analysis of shortcomings to lay down. - the prof. of service of the troops revealed in the course of examination and development of offers on their elimination and the prevention. In the practical work military experts are guided by the relevant articles of criminal procedure and criminal codes of RSFSR and other federal republics, orders and directives of the Minister of Defence of the USSR and the chief of the Master military-medical control, and also indications of the main thing court. - the medical expert of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR. Definition of the validity to military service by military forensic scientists is not carried out. During the conducting examination experts are granted the right to use rooms, the equipment and materials of medical institutions of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR, consultations of all medical specialists. Experts report on the carried-out work to higher bodies at the scheduled time. The expert opinion is formed according to requirements of the Code of Criminal Procedure and «Instructions about production of forensic medical examination in the USSR», approved by M3 of the USSR in 1978.

For carrying out military court. - medical examinations the system court is created. - medical laboratories of the districts and the fleet submitting to the main thing court. - to the medical expert of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR. The last is responsible for the organization of practical and scientific work of staff court. - medical institutions of this department. Head expert establishment of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR is the Central Medicolegal Laboratory (CML) at the Master military-medical control of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR.

V. V. Tomilin.