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MICROX-RAY ANALYSIS (grech, mikros small + X-ray analysis; synonym gistorentgenografiya) — a way of a research of a microstructure of biological fabrics by a X-ray analysis of their thin sections with the subsequent studying of pictures under a microscope.

The m is applied by hl. obr. during the studying of bone saw cuts, gistotopografichesky cuts of various bodies and fabrics, small vessels (see. Mikroangiografiya ), significantly supplementing at the same time data light and a submicroscopy. For shooting from fabric prepare cuts from 100 to 600 microns thick. Usually at the same time use methods of fixing of fabrics, to-rye do not cause changes them physical. properties and chemical structure (freezing, freeze drying). Besides, fabrics can be investigated in a natural look without use of dyes.

At contact M. the prepared cut is placed closely on a photoemulsion of a film or a photographic plate with high resolving power and make shooting by means of a special ostrofokusny X-ray tube at a low tension of generation of x-ray emission (1 — 20 kV). The microroentgenograms received thus study either under a microscope, or at big projective increase.

The m with direct primary increase is carried out by means of the x-ray camera obscura or X-ray microscopes of various designs (see. Microscope ).

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