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MICROMONOSPOROSIS (micromonosporosis) — the disease caused by different types of microorganisms of the sort Micromonospora this. Micromonosporaceae.

The most pathogenic activators M. are Micromonospora parva Jensen (1932) and Micromonospora monospora (Lehmann et Schutze 1908) Krasilnikov 1941.

On classification of activators M. carry to a class actinomycetes (see), with to-rymi they have much the general morfol, the devil. But at a micromonospore on the end of sporonosets forms only one dispute and in tissues of the person and an experimental animal druses — characteristic fabric forms of actinomycetes are never formed.

Patogistologiya: in skin the inflammation without formation of a granuloma is noted nonspecific hron.

Clinical picture in most cases does not differ from various manifestations of an actinomycosis of skin, hypodermic cellulose and internals (see. Actinomycosis ). M.'s cases are described, at to-rykh huge ulcers of skin, systemic lesions of bones in the form of an osteoperiostitis, osteoporosis with the phenomena of a cachexia are observed.

Diagnosis the wedge, the picture confirmed with allocation at crops of the defeat of microorganisms of the sort Micromonospora separated from the centers with characteristic morphology is put on the basis.

Treatment the same, as at an actinomycosis; it includes an immunotherapy, purpose of antibacterial drugs, excitants, operational treatment.

Forecast at timely begun and correctly carried out treatment favorable.

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V. M. Leshchenko.