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MICROANGIOGRAPHY (Greek mikros small + angeion a vessel + grapho to write, represent) — the way of a research of small blood vessels consisting in filling by their contrast agent, the subsequent X-ray analysis and studying of pictures under a microscope.

Mikroangiogramma of the site of a bone regenerate during the healing of a fracture of femur for the 30th days: shooters specified looplike outgrowths of young vessels.

M use in an experiment for the purpose of studying of very tectonics of small blood vessels, a research of intravascular microcirculation and peripheric circulation of various bodies and fabrics (fig.), renal, bone and other transplants in the course of their engraftment.

The m can be produced as it is intravital, and posthumously. Apply 20 — 50% to filling of small vessels the suspension of fixed white in water processed by ultrasound with a particle size apprx. 1 micron. For the purpose of stabilization of a contrast agent and its stronger fixing in vessels add to it to gelatin or sodium-carboxymethyl cellulose. Water-soluble contrast mediums, diffusing through walls of blood vessels, worsen quality of their image. For intravital M. a contrast agent is usually entered into arteries or veins of an ear, a mesentery and internals of laboratory animals. At posthumous M. good results are yielded by also artificial partial perfusion of a contrast agent. At once after its introduction the animal is frozen in the cryostat or liquid nitrogen then do gistotopografichesky cuts (see) or cuts of all animal that allows to keep usual anatomic ratios of bodies. X-ray films of the received cuts do contact (see. Mikrorentgenografiya ) or projective way. Make stereomicroangiograms for obtaining the volume image of vessels.

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