MICKIEWICZ Sergey Ivanovich

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MICKIEWICZ Sergey Ivanovich (1869 — 1944) — the Soviet doctor, the participant of revolutionary movement, one of organizers of the Soviet health care. The member of the CPSU since 1893.

MICKIEWICZ Sergey Ivanovich

In 1893 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. Together with A. N. Vinokurov organized the first Marxist group (1893) which became a kernel of the Moscow «Working Union» in Moscow, from to-rogo the Moscow organization of RSDRP(b) grew. In 1894 it was arrested and after three years' stay in solitary confinement it is sent for 5 years to Eastern Siberia.

Since 1899 S. I. Mickiewicz was 4 years a district doctor in Average Kolymsk, organized hospital and leper colony in the city. Having been returned in 1903 to Moscow, worked in an insane hospital and began to cooperate actively in Ob-ve of the Russian doctors in N. I. Pirogov's memory, at the same time supporting bonds with a Bolshevist underground; in 1904 it is sent from Moscow to Tver where worked as the doctor at Tver Manufactory factory, combining and here profession of a physician with party.

In 1905 S. I. Mickiewicz returned to Moscow where actively participated in a December armed revolt. In 1906 after two searches it was forced to leave Moscow, worked in the Nizhny Novgorod provincial insane hospital, since 1914 — the school health officer in Saratov. At the Extraordinary pirogovsky congress (1917) C. And. Mickiewicz was elected in structure of medical and sanitary council. After the February revolution it was appointed the vice-chairman, and then the chairman of the Saratov Council of city commissioners. After the victory of Great October socialist revolution became the member Council of medical boards (see). In March, 1918 moved to Moscow and worked as the member of board of the Moscow department of national education. Since 1919 was on fronts of civil war, and after demobilization worked in Moscow in bodies of national education again. From 1924 to 1934 S. I. Mickiewicz was the director of the Museum of revolution of the USSR. Published a number of scientific and historical works, among to-rykh: «On the verge of two eras» (1937) and «Notes of the doctor social activist» (1941).

Works: Menerik and an emiryachenye — forms of hysteria in the Kolyma region, D., 1929; On the verge of two eras, from populism to Marxism, M.1937; Revolutionary Moscow, 1888 — 1905, M., 1940; Notes of the doctor social activist, 1888 — 1918, M. — L., 1941.

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M. I. Barsukov.