MICHELSON Nikolay Mikhaylovich

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MICHELSON Nikolay Mikhaylovich (1883 — 1963) — the Soviet maxillofacial surgeon, the doctor of medical sciences (1935), professor (1940), the winner of the State award USSR (1946).

MICHELSON Nikolay Mikhaylovich

After the termination in 1909 medical f-that Moscow un-that would work in surgical department of Basmannaya. From 1914 to 1918 was in army, managed surgical department of field hospital. Since 1927 began to specialize in the field of maxillofacial surgery in TsIU under the leadership of A. E. Rauer. In 1935 protected dokt, the thesis about use of a gomokhryashch in a plastic surgery. Since 1940 the second professor, and since 1948 the head of the department of maxillofacial surgery of TsIU.

H. M. Michelson published St. 110 scientific works, including 5 monographs and 2 textbooks devoted generally to questions of maxillofacial surgery and a plastic surgery of the person. His merit is use of a cadaveric cartilage in a plastic surgery of maxillofacial area. Both with scientific, and from the practical point of view its works on treatment of hems after burns have great value; classification and methods of treatment of various type of hems of the person, neck, trunk and extremities are offered them. He for the first time in the history of plastic surgery used a bucket-handle graft for recovery of language; offered an original method of a myoplasty of prirotovy area. For the monograph «Plastic Surgeries on a Face» together with the prof. A. E. Rauer of H. M. Michelson is conferred the State award USSR.

H. M. Michelson was board member Vsesoyuznogo and All-Russian, the member of presidium Moscow about-in stomatologists.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner, the award «Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: Use of a cadaveric cartilage in clinic, M., 1946; Hems of skin after burns and wounds and fight against them, M., 1947; Plastic surgeries on the person, M., 1954 (sovm, with Rauer A. E.); Differential diagnosis of malignant tumors of jaws, M., 1955 (sovm, with the Warsaw L. O.-); Injury of a face and jaws and their treatment, M., 1956; Recovery operations of maxillofacial area, M., 1962.

Bibliography: Our winners, Gospit. business, No. 3, page 4, 1946; H. M. Michelson, to the 75 anniversary since birth and to the 58 anniversary of medical, scientific and pedagogical activity, Stomatology, No. 4, page 3, 1958; H. M. Michelson, in the same place, No. 6, page 94, 1963.

L. O. Varshavsky.