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MEYNIKE OF REACTION (E. Meinicke, is mute. serolog, 1878 — 1945) — the method of serodiagnosis of syphilis based on a phenomenon of flocculation of nonspecific antigen by globulins of serum of the patient. It is mute. the doctor Meynike offered several modifications of this reaction.

Antigen for Masculine is spirit extract from cors bovinum with addition of Tolu balsam.

Principle of statement of reaction: on 0,5 ml of mix of antigen and soda and salt solutions of various concentration pour in 4 test tubes; add 0,2 ml of active serum to the first three, and in the 4th — 0,2 ml divorced 1:2 serums also leave on 18 — 20 hours at t ° 20 °. At negative reaction liquid in all 4 test tubes is opaque, lactescence; at positive reaction the enlightenment of mix with flocculation is observed.

Meynike's results of reaction in 91 — 100% of cases match results of Wassermann reaction (see. Wasserman reaction ).

For microreaction (Meinicke Microreaktion MMR) mix of antigen and serum mix, transfer a loop to cover glass and prepare a hanging drop. In case of negative reaction at a mikroskopirovaniye the shining points are visible, at sharply positive — large flakes. In the USSR Meynike's reactions are not applied.

See also Syphilis .

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