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MEYGSA SYNDROME (J, V. Meigs, amer. surgeon, 1892 — 1963; synonym syndrome of the Demon — Meygs) — existence of ascites and a hydrothorax at benign tumors of ovaries and a uterus. Meygsom at fibroma of an ovary is described in 1935.

Conditions of emergence of M. of page are unknown. Hypotheses of a role of a mechanical prelum of surrounding fabrics and irritation of a peritoneum did not receive confirmation since M.'s cases of page at tumors of an ovary up to 5 cm in the diameter are known.

In a wedge, a picture at M. of page signs prevail ascites (see) and hydrothorax (see). At the same time the tumor quite often develops asymptomatically though by the time of the research can reach the big sizes (to 20 — 30 cm in the diameter at a hysteromyoma). Villages carry out the differential diagnosis at M. with malignant tumors of ovaries.

Treatment operational: the oncotomy of an ovary or uterus is carried out.

The forecast is favorable, after operation M.'s signs of page disappear.

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T. M. Grigorova.