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MEXAMINUM (Mexaminum) — radio protective agent. 5-Metoksitriptamina hydrochloride, C 11 H 14 N 2 O • HCl:

Powder, white or white with grayish-creamy shade. Let's dissolve in water and alcohol.

On a chemical structure and pharmakol, to action it is close to to serotonin (see), like Krom causes reduction of smooth muscles of internals, narrowing of blood vessels, reduction of a diuresis. The m has also sedative effect on c. the N of page, lowers body temperature and strengthens action of hypnagogues and analgetics.

As radio protective agent M. has strong likeness with others radioprotectors (see) from group of indolylalkylamines. The radio protective effect of M. in an experiment is shown by decline in mortality of the animals who were affected x-ray and gamma irradiations or protons of high energy. At radiation by M.'s neutrons it is ineffective. In experimental conditions at the combined M.'s use with radioprotectors of an aminothiol row (e.g., with merkaminy) potentiation of a radio protective effect is observed. In the mechanism of radio protective action of M. the hypoxia caused by drug is important, apparently, in critical bodies (see), napr, in marrow, a spleen, etc. (see. the Oxygen effect, in radiobiology ).

The m is well soaked up in blood at different ways of introduction and the hl is quickly metabolized. obr. in a liver.

Drug apply for prevention of the general radiation reactions at radiation therapy onkol, patients. Appoint M. inside on 0,05 g in 30 — 40 min. before each session of radiation therapy. At good tolerance it is possible to increase M.'s dose to 0,1 g. Drug is usually transferred well. Side effect is shown by hl. obr. nausea, dizziness, pains in an anticardium. If necessary for reduction of side effects of M. use caffeine. In case of bad portability M.'s reception is stopped.

M. it is contraindicated at heart failure, the expressed angiosclerosis of heart and brain, bronchial asthma, renal failures and at pregnancy.

Form of release: tablets on 0,05 g, coated. Keep in bottles of dark glass in the dry, protected from light place.

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P. P. Saksonov.