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METROLOGICAL HEALTH SERVICE (grech, metron a measure + logos the doctrine) — special service in system of the Ministry of Health of the USSR, the cut enters a task ensuring unity of measurements and monotony of the gages used in various fields of theoretical and applied medicine; works in close contact with bodies of the Public metrological service under the general methodical control of the State Committee of standards of Council of ministers of the USSR. M of page z. is uniform for all medical institutions, including for medical services of various departments (Min-in of means of communication, Min-in of civil aviation, etc.).

Parent organization M. of page z. it is defined All-Union research and test by in-t of USSR M3 medical equipment, organized in 1971, the director to-rogo at the same time is hl. metrologist of M3 of the USSR. Before formation of it in-that metrological support of M3 institutions of the USSR and federal republics was carried out by bodies of the Public metrological service. M.'s development by page z. is under construction on the basis of the long-term program metrol. providing health care with expansion of a field of activity of its bodies during the development, production and operation of the medical equipment.

A theoretical basis of measuring business is metrology (see) — science about measurements and methods of ensuring their unity and achievement of required accuracy.

Normative and technical base of activity of M. of page z. the complex of state standards of the State measuring system and the State system of standards of instrument making, the standard leading and methodical materials of the State Committee of standards of Council of ministers of the USSR, and also the industry leading documents on the general and private questions of metrology are.

Scientific and methodical and organizational and technical basis of M. of page z. the system of the parent and basic organizations specializing by types of measurements, activities or the directions of medical science is. So, e.g., as a part of M. of page z. there are basic organizations: on a kliniko-labor. to measurements — All-Union scientific medical clinical center for laboratory business; on an audiometriya — special design technical office «Biofizpribor», etc.

Material and technical resources of M. of page z. the system of Medtekhnika repair shops with laboratories (sites) of the measuring equipment, and also the repair and testing enterprises of other mines - in and departments serves.

Metrol. divisions of Medtekhnika repair shops, except metrol. ensuring activity of own enterprise, carry out periodic and postrepair checking of measuring instruments of medical appointment in healthcare institutions. If necessary carry out repair and checking of all-technical means of measurements for needs of healthcare institutions. In function metrol. divisions of repair shops also rendering on a contractual basis service metrol enters. services to healthcare institutions for maintaining the account, drawing up schedules of checking of measuring instruments, their representation in actual fact etc.

Parent organization metrol. develops services M3 of the USSR and realizes technical policy of health care, makes or agrees on requirement specifications on development of the medical equipment, carries out metrol. examination of standards, technical specifications, operational documents, techniques of tests and measurements irrespective of departmental accessory of the developer of these documents; carries out acceptance and check technical tests of all types of the domestic and foreign medical equipment with obligatory assessment metrol. ensuring its production and operation; exercises departmental control (supervision) of a condition of the operated medical technology and measuring instruments of all-technical use, and also of the level of activity of all bodies of M. of page z.

Main objectives of head and basic territorial authorities of M. of page z. (republican and regional managements of «Medical equipment») the organization and providing within the fixed territory of practical implementation of the state and departmental normative and technical and directive documents are; the accounting of the operated measuring instruments and the medical equipment, planning and the organization of works on metrol. to ensuring their operation, maintenance, repair and checking; departmental control of observance of rules of use and operation of the medical equipment and measuring instruments in healthcare institutions of all types; carrying out in various forms of instructive-methodological work, and also the organization of training metrol. services and increase in their qualification.

Metrol. divisions of institutions, the organizations and the enterprises of health care are a fundamental unit of M. of page z., as the solution of all practical tasks of constant maintenance in good repair exploited in healthcare institutions medical technicians and measuring instruments of all-technical use is assigned to them. Specified metrol. divisions are divided into two types: functioning as a part of actually healthcare institutions (BC, policlinics, drugstores, the research organizations and educational institutions, a dignity. - epidy. stations, etc.) and acting in structure of Medtekhnika repair shops (laboratories or sites of metrology and the measuring equipment).

Metrol. divisions of medical institutions provide observance of the established rules and rates of exploitation of technical means of health care, the account, planning and timely representation of technical means on control surveys, maintenance, turnaround, checking, timely retirement and write-off of the unusable medical equipment. With growth and complication of hardware of healthcare institutions the operational technical service of these institutions develops, in structure a cut work also them metrol. divisions.

M.'s activity by the village z. it is directed to increase in efficiency of use of technical means of healthcare institutions for the purpose of improvement of quality of medical aid to the population.

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R. I. Utyamyshev, A. N. Grishin.