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METOPIRON (synonym: metirapon, metopiralon, Su-4885) — the 2-methyl-1,2-bis (3-piridit) - propanon-1, synthetic substance, in endocrinological practice is applied to assessment of a functional condition of a hypophysis and differential diagnosis of a hyperplasia and a tumor of bark of adrenal glands; blocking 11 - a beta hydroxylation, removes the constraining influence of cortisol on formation of AKTG existing normal. Therefore at normal function of a hypophysis of M. considerably increases the maintenance of AKTG in blood. If reaction to M.'s introduction is absent at the kept reaction of adrenal glands to exogenous AKTG, then it demonstrates that either function of a hypophysis, or function of c is broken. N of page.

In the State pharmacopeia of the USSR it is not included.

See also Itsenko — Cushing a disease .

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