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METILKHOLANTREN (synonym 20-metilkholantren) — oncogenous substance. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, 1,2-дигидро-3-метилбенз(j) atseantratsen, C 21 H 16  :

Pier. weight (weight) 268,30; t ° pl 179 — 180 °. Crystal powder, almost water-insoluble, soluble in organic solvents. The m is synthesized for the first time in 1933 by Wiland and to Dane. On the mechanism of action of M. is pro-carcinogen and it is activated in an organism. Possessing the action expressed local oncogenous, M. is often used in experiments on a lab. animals for induction of tumors of a brain, bones, a stomach, etc. At repeated drawing (usually 0,1 — 0,3% solution in benzene) M. is caused in mice in 6 — 8 weeks of papilloma, and 3 — 4 months later by a planocellular carcinoma cutaneum. At hypodermic introduction of 2 — 3 mg of M. to rats, mice, hens there are sarcomas. At introduction in went. - kish. M.'s path causes in females of rats of hl. obr. adenocarcinomas of a mammary gland. Along with oncogenous action of M. possesses local (necroses, a secondary inflammation) and the general toxic influence more than dibenzanthracene (see) and benzpyrene , (see), but to a lesser extent, than dimethylbenzanthracene (see). For M.'s identification use different types of the stratographic and spectral and fluorescent analysis. Data on M.'s presence in environmental pollution and its possible action on the person are absent.

See also Oncogenous substances .

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L. M. Shabad.