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METHYL SALICYLATE (Methylii salicylas; synonym: Methylium salicylicum, Methylis salicylas; GFH) — analgesic, anti-inflammatory drug. Methyl ether salicylic to - you, With 8 H 8 O 3  :

Colorless or yellowish liquid with a characteristic aromatic smell. It is not enough rastvorim in water; with alcohol and ether mixes up in all ratios. Ud. weight (density) 1,176 — 1,184.

On pharmakol, to M.'s action it is close to to acetylsalicylic acid (see) and to other salicylates also has analgesic, antiinflammatory and febrifugal properties. However on activity significantly concedes to drugs of this group and is more toxic. Besides, has the expressed local irritative effect in this connection it can be used only for external use. It is well soaked up through skin, but in blood collects in much smaller quantities, than the salicylates appointed for internal use (e.g., acetilsalicylic to - that, sodium salicylate, etc.), than the low performance of M. at rheumatic diseases speaks.

Apply M. outwardly of per se or in mix with gum spirit of turpentine, chloroform and other irritating substances for rubbing in at rheumatic damages of joints and muscles, arthritises, miozita, neuralgia, etc.

by M. is a part of a number of ready dosage forms: linimentum (balm) Sanitas — Linimentum (Balsamum) «Sanitas»; Bombenge's ointments — Unguentum Boum-Benge; linimentum «Naphthalginum» — Linimentum «Naphthalginum»; Capsinum — Capsinum; linimentum of methyl salicylate difficult — Linimentum Methylii salicylatis compositum and Salinimentum — Salinimentum.

The m and dosage forms supporting him keep in well corked container protecting from effect of light.

See also the Irritating substances .

V. K. Muratov.