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METHYLURACIL (Methyluracilum; synonym methacil; joint venture. B) — stimulator of a leykotsitopoez. 2,4-Диоксо-6-метил-1,2,3,4-тетрагидропиримидин; With 5 H 6 N 2 O 2  :

White crystal powder, inodorous; let's badly dissolve in water (up to 0,9% at t ° 20 °) and alcohol. Water solutions (pH 7,0) will sterilize at t ° 100 ° within 30 min.

On pharmakol, to properties it is close to to pentoxyl (see). According to experimental data, M. stimulates leykotsitopoez, strengthens growth and reproduction of cells, accelerates healing of wounds, stimulates phagocytal reaction, promotes development of antibodies, has antiinflammatory effect.

Apply M at inertly healing wounds, burns, fractures of bones, and also as a stimulator of a leykotsitopoez at the leukopenia connected with inf. diseases, at the oppression of function of marrow caused by poisons, medicines and impact of ionizing radiation at the strengthened leucolysis owing to emergence in blood of leykoagglyutinin (an allergic agranulocytosis). However it must be kept in mind that it is reasonable to M. to apply only at easy forms of a leukopenia. At a moderately severe leukopenia its appointment is shown during the resuming of the broken regenerator ability of marrow. At severe defeats of the hemopoietic system M.'s use as stimulator of a leykotsitopoez contraindicated. The available data on M.'s efficiency at diseases went. - kish. a path are very contradictory.

Appoint The m inside in time or after food, the adult on 0,5 — 1 g 3 — 4 times a day (if necessary the dose is increased to 5 — 6 g a day), to children till 1 year — on 0,05 g on reception, 1 — 3 years — 0,08 g, 3 — 8 — 0,1 — 0,2 g, 8 — 12 years — 0,3 — 0,5 g, is more senior than 12 years — 0,5 — 0,7 g on reception 3 — 4 times a day (adding to food or in pure form). A course of treatment — 3 — 4 weeks.

At the local damages (damages of skin, sigmoidites, proctites, etc.) arising at radiation therapy, M. is appointed inside and locally. For topical administration use 5 — 10% metiluratsilovy ointment. Apply the candles containing M. in a dose of 0,5 g to treatment of proctites, sigmoidites and ulcer colitis. With the same purpose use microclysters (0,2 — 0,4 g of M. on 20 — 25 ml of starched slime). In the form of 5% of ointment or cream M. has photoprotective action at patients with photodermatoses.

Drug is usually well transferred by patients. At its introduction in the form of candles to a rectum sometimes there is a feeling of short-term burning.

It is contraindicated M at the malignant diseases of marrow, a lymphogranulomatosis, heavy leukopenias caused by high doses of radiation.

Forms of release: powder, tablets on 0,5 g; 5 — 10% ointment on a lanolino-vaseline basis; the candles containing 0,5 g of M. Hranyat in well corked container.

See also Stimulators of a leykotsitopoez .

V. A. Babichev.