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METHYLTHIOURACIL (Methylthiouracilum; synonym: Alkiron, Antibason, Methiacil, Methicil, Methiocil, Methylthiouracil, Metyrin, Prostrumyl, Strumacil etc.) — synthetic anti-thyroid medicine. It is close on the mechanism of action to to mercazolil (see), but is less active, than it. 6-Метил-1,2,3,4-тетрагидропиримидинон-4-тион-2:

White or inodorous yellowish crystal powder, very little water soluble, easily soluble in solutions of alkalis.

The m oppresses synthesis of hormones of a thyroid gland.

In an initiation of treatment of M. more often than mercazolil, gives so-called goitrogenic, or goitrogenic, effect.

Indications to M.'s use same, as well as for mercazolil, i.e. all forms craw of diffusion toxic (see).

Appoint M. inside after food, a dose from 0,25 g 3 times a day to 0,05 g 2 times a day depending on a form of a disease.

The highest doses for adults: one-time 0,25 g, daily 0,75 g.

As by-effects at M.'s treatment the leukopenia, a neutropenia and an agranulocytosis can develop, at detection to-rykh M.'s reception stop, appoint nucleinate of sodium, leucogenum, etc. Drug is cancelled also at emergence of fever, small tortoiseshell, skin itch, nausea, joint pains.

For prevention of goitrogenic effect appoint at the same time microdoses of iodine or diiodotyrosine on 0,05 g of 1 — 2 time a day.

Contraindications the same, as for mercazolil (a nodal craw, retrosternal and intrathoracic localization of a craw, pregnancy and feeding, a liver failure, a leukopenia, a granulocytopenia).

Form of release: powder and tablets on 0,25 g. Store as drugs of the list B, in well corked container and the place protected from light.

See also Anti-thyroid means .

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