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METHYLTESTOSTERONE [Methyltestosteronum; synonym: Methyltestosterone, Androral (B), Glosso-Sterandryl, Hormale, Malogen, Metandren, Oraviron, Oreton M, Stenendiol, Testoral, Virormoneoral etc.; GFH, joint venture. B] — the synthetic analog of male sex hormone of testosterone, has similar biological and medicinal properties, like testosterone has a promoting effect on development of men's generative organs and secondary sexual characteristics, shows moderate anabolic action.

The m — inodorous white crystal powder and taste, is water-insoluble, well alcohol-soluble, ether, acetone, we will badly dissolve in vegetable oils. On air it is slightly hygroscopic.

The m by 3 — 4 times is less active, than Testosteroni propionas, however, unlike other analogs testosterone (see), keeps biol, activity at intake and at sublingual use.

Appoint M at all forms of testicular insufficiency connected with disturbances of a sexual differentiation, androgenic function of testicles at a postkastratsionny syndrome, and also at a men's climax and the related vasculomotor nervous breakdowns. At a prostate cancer and diseases of a liver of M. it is contraindicated. At women indications to M.'s appointment are climacteric disorders, tumors of a reproductive system and mammary glands, dysfunctional uterine bleedings at advanced age.

Apply M it is sublingual. The highest doses for adults: one-time 0,05 g, daily 0,1 g. At a men's hypogonadism appoint 0,015 — 0,03 g of drug a day. Treatment is long, its duration depends on the gained effect. At impotence in connection with funkts, insufficiency of testicles appoint 0,01 — 0,02 g of M. a day, at a men's climax of 0,005 — 0,015 g a day within 1 — 2 month. To women with dysfunctional uterine bleedings in a climacteric appoint 0,01 — 0,02 g of M. a day during 2 — 4 weeks, at cancer of mammary glands and ovaries — on 0,05 — 0,1 g of M. a day.

At M.'s treatment it is necessary to watch a condition of patients since at men its high doses can be the cause of the raised sexual excitement, cause a delay of water and salts in an organism; at women the phenomena are possible virilescences (see). The overdose of drug at dysmenorrheas can lead to the termination of periods. The m can have also cholestatic effect, cause medicamentous jaundice.

Form of release: tablets on 0,005 and 0,01 2 in packaging on 10 pieces. The m is also a part of the combined drug Testobromlecithum (Testobromlecithum). Store in the place protected from light.

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