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METHYLANDROSTENDIOLUM (Methylandrostendiolum; synonym: Androdiol, Diolostene, Masdiol, Mestendiol, Metandiol, Metandriol, Methandriolum, Neosteron, Notandron, Novandrol, Stenediol, Testodiol etc.) — an anabolic steroid, on chemical constitution close to methyltestosterone, but having smaller androgenic activity at relatively more expressed anabolic action; in medicine it is used as medicine at disturbances of protein metabolism, renders the weak masculinizing effect.

Methylandrostendiolum (17-альфа-метиландростен-5-диол-3-бета,17-бета)

The m is appointed after severe injuries, operations, infectious and other diseases, at exhaustion, osteoporosis, lag in growth, etc.

Due to the androgenic activity of drug treatment of women shall be carried out under observation of the gynecologist.

Apply M. in the form of sublingual (hypoglossal) tablets. The adult appoint 0,025 — 0,05 g a day, to children and patients with a growth inhibition of M. — at the rate of 1 — 1,5 mg to 1 kg of body weight, but no more than 0,05 g (50 mg) a day. Treatment shall be carried out against the background of the diet enriched with proteins. A course of treatment of 4 weeks, a break between courses 2 — 4 weeks

the Highest doses for adults: one-time 0,025 g, daily 0,1 g.

At M.'s use the abnormal liver function with increase in its sizes and jaundice, dispeptic frustration, allergic reactions is possible. Drug is absolutely contraindicated at a prostate cancer and a breast cancer at men, acute diseases of a liver, is rather contraindicated at pregnancy, in the period of a lactation, and also in the period of a decompensation of carbohydrate metabolism and acidosis at a diabetes mellitus.

Form of release: sublingual tablets on 0,01 g (10 mg) and on 0,025 g (25 mg). Store as drugs of the list B, in the place protected from light.

See also Anabolic steroids .

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