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METHORINUM (Methorinum; synonym: Fluanisonum, Haloanison etc.; joint venture. B) — the neuroleptic 4-[4 (about-metoksifenil) - 1-piperazinit]-4 '-ftorbutirofenon a hydrochloride; With 21 H 25 FN 2 O 2 - HCl:

White crystal powder, difficult water soluble and alcohol.

Like other neuroleptics of group of phenyl propyl ketone M. breaks monoaminergichesky transfer in a brain, having especially expressed dofaminoblokiruyushchy effect what connect its psychotropic properties with, and also ability to exponentiate effects narcotic, hypnotic drugs and sedatives (see. Neuroleptics ).

On the nature of influence on psikhopatol. the phenomena it is close to a haloperidol (see), but considerably concedes to it on force of antipsychotic action. Differs from a haloperidol in the bigger speed of development of effect and stronger oppression of motility. Therefore at M.'s treatment emergence of motive block can be combined with preservation of hallucinatory and crazy frustration.

The main indications to M.'s use schizophrenia, a maniacal phase of maniac-depressive psychosis, the motive excitement accompanying various psychoses serve. The m can also be used for the purpose of a neyroleptanalgeziya.

Appoint intramusculary and inside. Usually treatment there begin with intramuscular injections of M. on 0,02 g (5 ml of 0,4% of solution) 2 — 3 times a day, gradually raising a dose to 0,1 — 0,12 g, at resistant cases — to 0,16 — 0,18 g a day. At M.'s appointment in its dose it is necessary to increase by 1,5 times in comparison with doses for intramuscular introduction.

Side effect The m is shown by hl. obr. an akathisia and symptoms of parkinsonism with dominance in a picture of the last of an akineziya and lack of the expressed muscular rigidity. More often than at therapy vegetative disturbances arise a haloperidol.

Forms of release: tablets on 0,02 g and ampoules on 5 ml of 0,4% of solution.

Bibliography: Kimenis A. A. and Hermann S. K. Experimental studying of Methorinum — the new drug used in psychiatric and anesthesiology practice in book: Eksperim, and wedge, pharmakoter., under the editorship of S. A. Giller, etc., century 2, page 19, Riga, 1970.

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