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METHISAZONUM (Methisazonum; synonym: Kemoviran, Marboran, Metisazon, Viruzona) — antiviral means. N-metilizatina thiosemicarbazone; With 10 H 10 N 4 OS:

Inodorous orange-yellow fluffy fine-crystalline powder; it is almost water-insoluble also alcohol.

The m suppresses development of DNA - and RNA viruses, including poksvirusa and adenoviruses. The greatest practical value has M.'s activity concerning viruses of smallpox group. In experiences on chicken embryos and in culture of fabric it is shown that drug breaks a reproduction of a virus of a vaccine and a virus of rabbit smallpox, and also has preventive effect at intratserebralny infection of mice with a virus of natural smallpox. At an experimental smallpox infection at M.'s mice practically does not render to lay down. actions. At viruses of smallpox group to drug stability can develop. Believe that disturbance of maturing of virus particles under the influence of M. is connected with its oppressing influence on protein synthesis of a viral envelope. The m does not influence adsorption of a virus a cell, its penetration in a cell and synthesis of virus DNA. Antiviral activity of M. is suppressed with nek-ry inhibitors of proteinaceous synthesis.

M. apply hl. obr. for prevention and treatment of the skin postvaccinal complications developing after a smallpox inoculation. At the same time M. facilitates a current of postvaccinal complications, distribution of skin process detains, promotes more bystry healing and drying of effloration. However M. not always positively influences the course of smallpox vaccination and not always prevents development of postvaccinal reactions. M apply also to prevention of smallpox (together with a bovine vaccine). At a disease of smallpox drug practically does not possess to lay down. action. The m was effective as prophylactic at an alastrim (variola minor).

Drug appoint inside (in tablets) in 1 — 1V2 hour after food on 0,6 g 2 times a day within 4 — 6 days. To children up to 14 years M. appoint at the rate of 0,01 g/kg to reception 2 times a day. The m can appoint inside in the form of 10% of suspension: the adult — on 1 table, l., to children — on 1/4 — 1/3 chayn. l. 2 times a day.

At M.'s use nausea, vomiting, dizziness are possible. Drug is contraindicated at severe damages of a liver, kidneys and diseases went. - kish. a path (a peptic ulcer, hron, gastritises in a stage of an aggravation, etc.). For the period of treatment reception of alcoholic beverages is forbidden.

Form of release: tablets on 0,2 g in banks of orange glass on 25 pieces. Keep in the place protected from light.

See also Antiviral means .

Bibliography: Pershin G. N. and Bogdanova N. S. Himioterapiya of viral infections, page 56, M., 1973.

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