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METHERAZINUM [Metherazinum, synonym: Chlorperazin, Dicopal, Novamin, Prochlorperazini Maleas etc., joint venture. B] — a neuroleptic. 2-Hlor-10-[3 - (1 - metilpiperazinil-4) - propyl] - a fenotiazina a dimaleate; With 20 H 24 ClN 33 S • 2C 4 H 4 O 4  :

White with slightly yellowish shade or light-cream crystal powder; it is almost water-insoluble, a little alcohol-soluble.

On a chemical structure it is close to to aminazine (see) and to other neuroleptics of a fenotiazinovy row (see. Fenotiazina ). However, being piperazinovy derivatives of this row, on action has nek-ry differences from aminazine. The m surpasses aminazine in force of antipsychotic and antiemetic action. Unlike aminazine, activates mentally sick, strengthens motives and aspiration to activity, eliminates slackness, apathy.

Apply M at the schizophrenia and other psychoses proceeding without the expressed excitement with domination of slackness, apathy, the asthenic phenomena and the crazy ideas. Besides, M. use as an antiemetic at nausea and vomiting of various etiology, including at vomiting of pregnant women. The m is effective at Menyer's disease, migraine and at a menopausal syndrome at women. Appoint inside, since 12,5 mg a day, daily increasing a dose by 12,5 — 25 mg to a daily dose of 150 — 300 mg (sometimes to 500 mg). Duration of a course of treatment of 2 — 3 months and more then the dose is gradually reduced to supporting, to-ruyu in each case is selected individually. At vestibular frustration and at a menopausal syndrome appoint, since 2,5 mg a day and gradually raising a daily dose to 20 mg. M.'s use in pediatric practice shall be extremely careful. To children weighing from 20 to 40 kg appoint from 2,5 to 5 mg 2 times a day.

For side effect M are characteristic the expressed Extrapyramidal frustration with dominance of the hyperkinetic and diskinetichesky phenomena. Correction of extrapyramidal frustration is carried out by means of holinoblokiruyushchy antiparkinsonichesky means (Cyclodolum, Tropacinum). At prolonged use development of a granulocytopenia in this connection in the course of M.'s treatment it is necessary to watch a picture of blood is possible. The m is contraindicated in the same cases, as aminazine (at damages of a liver, kidneys, bodies of a hemopoiesis, at dekompensirovanny heart diseases etc.).

Form of release: coated tablets on 5 and 25 mg. Store in the place protected from light.

See also Neuroleptics , Antiemetics .

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