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METHACINUM (Methacinum, joint venture. A) — holinoblokiruyushchy means. beta Dimethylaminoethyl ether benzylic to - you are methoiodide; With 19 H 24 NO 3 - I:

Crystal powder, white or white with subtle yellowish shade. Let's difficult dissolve in water (1: 200). Water solutions (pH 4,0 — 5,0) will sterilize at t ° 100 ° within 30 min.

M. the m-holinoblokiruyushchey has activity. Being quaternary ammonium compound, M. badly gets through a blood-brain barrier and in this regard, unlike atropine and other m-holinoblokatorov relating to basic nitriles, selectively affects peripheral m-holinoretseptory. It is stronger, than atropine, relaxes smooth muscles of bronchial tubes and went. - kish. a path, suppresses secretion of salivary and bronchial glands, but to a lesser extent speeds up cordial reductions. Owing to poor permeability through gistogematichesky barriers of M. has no significant effect on c. the N of page also poorly expands a pupil.

M. apply as holinoblokiruyushchy and an antispasmodic at a peptic ulcer of a stomach, and duodenum, hron, the gastritises, renal and hepatic gripes and other diseases which are followed by spasms of smooth muscles. In M.'s anesthesiology use at premedication for reduction of a sialosis and secretion of bronchial glands, for the prevention of a bronchospasm and disturbances of blood circulation, to-rye can arise in the conditions of the general anesthesia and at irritation of branches of a vagus nerve. In connection with ability to reduce amplitude, a tone and frequency of reductions of a uterus of M. it is shown at threat of premature births and late abortions, and also at Cesarean section. At rentgenol. a research of a gullet, stomach and duodenum of M. apply to reduction of a tone and a physical activity of these bodies. M appoint inside (0,002 — 0,005 g 2 — 3 times a day), subcutaneously, intramusculary or intravenously (on 0,5 — 2 ml of 0,1% of solution). At parenteral administration effect of drug is more expressed and develops quicker. For M.'s premedication enter on 0,5 — 1 ml 0,1% of solution intravenously (in 5 — 10 min.) or intramusculary (in 20 — 30 min. prior to an anesthesia). At rentgenol, a research M. enter subcutaneously or intramusculary 2 — 3 ml of 0,1% of solution.

The highest doses for adults inside: one-time 0,005 g, daily 0,015 g; under skin, intramusculary and intravenously: one-time 0,002 g, daily 0,006 g

of M. are usually well transferred and only at overdose causes by-effects (tachycardia, a mydriasis, changes of accommodation), inherent to other m-holinoblokatoram. Unlike atropine, M. does not possess the side effect connected with influence on c. N of page.

Like other m-holinoblokatoram of M. it is contraindicated at glaucoma (especially at a closed-angle form) and hypertrophies of a prostate.

Forms of release: tablets on 0,002 g and ampoules on 1 ml of 0,1% of solution. Store in well corked banks of dark glass; tablets and ampoules — in the place protected from light.

See also Cholinolytic substances .

S. S. Liberman.