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METEOROLOGY (Greek meteor[a] the heavenly phenomena + logos the doctrine) — science about the processes in the atmosphere proceeding in interaction with the land surface and space environment. Medical M. studies dependence of diseases on conditions of weather, influence of abnormal meteosizes and harmful impurity in the atmosphere, develops medical weather forecasts. Gigabyte. value of meteofactors is connected with their influence on the most important functions of a human body, in particular on heat exchange of an organism at combined action of temperature, radiation, humidity, speed of the movement of wind. Data on influence of a complex of meteofactors are used in hygiene and climatology for studying of adaptation to features of climate, the solution of questions of town planning, forecasting of level of air pollution (see. Climatology medical ). Regular overseeing by a condition of the atmosphere is carried out by network of meteorological stations, to-rye registers meteorological sizes (air temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.) and an atmospheric precipitation. For the purposes M. radiosondes, rockets, artificial Earth satellites are widely used. Synoptic M.'s problem is the weather forecast — short-term (to 3 days) and long-term, given on the basis of systematic land and aerol. observations of atmospheric processes with the analysis of weather maps, use of mathematical methods and the COMPUTER.

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