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METASTRONGILYOZ (metastrongylosis) — the helminthosis of lungs which is found preferential at pigs sometimes at large and small cattle and it is very rare at the person.

Activator — round Metastrongylus elongatus helminth (Dujardin, 1846); Railliet et Henry, 1911. Length of a female is 20 — 50 mm, in the diameter it 0,4 — 0,5 mm, males respectively 11 — 25 mm and 0,16 — 0,22 mm. The size of egg is 0,050 — 0,060 X 0,032 — 0,036 mm. At final (definitivny) owners — pigs, boars, is more rare large and small cattle, dogs — M. elongatus parasitizes in bronchial tubes. Isolated cases of M. at the person are described. Intermediate owners: earthworms — Lumbricus rubellus, etc. Eggs of helminth are allocated with a phlegm and a stake of final owners. In the soil from them larvae hatch, to-rykh earthworms swallow; on average in 12 — 15 days of a larva become invasive for final owners. Pigs catch M. during the eating of earthworms, people — through the hands, on to-rye M.'s larvae of elongatus at accidental crush of earthworms get. In a body of final owners of a larva migrate and get into lungs where reach puberty.

In a basis pathogeny M — a sensitization of the patient with helminths and their mechanical impact on fabrics. M.'s clinic at the person is studied poorly. There are bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia. The diagnosis is made on the basis of detection in Calais and a phlegm of eggs of helminths (see. Helmintologic methods of a research ), sometimes with a phlegm also helminths depart. Specific therapy of M. of the person is not developed, in veterinary science with success apply derivatives of benzimidazole, intratracheal administration of solution of Lugol.

Prevention: careful washing of hands before food during excavation, and also during the fishing if as a bait serve earthworms; washing of vegetables.

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H. N. Plotnikov.