METALNIKOV Sergey Ivanovich

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METALNIKOV Sergey Ivanovich (1870 — 1946) — the domestic biologist, professor (1907). After the termination St. Petersburg un-that worked in Heidelberg for Byuchli (O. with Butschli), in Naples for A. Dohrn, in 1901 — 1902 in laboratory for I. I. Mechnikov at Pasteur's Institute in Paris. Since 1907 the prof. of zoology in St. Petersburg un-those, then the manager. St. Petersburg biological laboratory. Since 1918 worked at Pasteur's Institute in Paris.

Research activity of S. I. Metalnikov began with studying of intracellular digestion at sea hedgehogs, ascarids and is later at infusorians. Works on studying of immunity at invertebrates and hl are of the greatest historical interest. obr. at insects.

S. I. Metalnikov developed a question of an opportunity biol, fight against harmful insects. The last years of life was engaged in studying of a role of a nervous system in immunity at backboneless and highest animals. Published in Russian and fr. languages several monographs devoted to biology of a bee moth, immunity of insects, a role of a nervous system and mental factors in immunity. In the general scientific statements stood on positions of vitalism.

Works: To a question of the reasons of immunity in relation to tuberculosis, Izv. Page - Peterburgsk. biol, laboratories, t. 13, century 2, page 3, 1913; To a question of immortality of the elementary one-celled animals, Pg., 1916; Immortalite et rajeunissement dans la biologie moderne, P., 1924; L’infection rnicrobienne et l’immunite chez des abeilles, P., 1927; Role du systeme nerveux et des facteurs biologiques et psychiques dans l’immunite, P., 1934; La lutte contre la mort, P., 1937.

Bibliography: N yo g r e L. Metalnikov Serge (1870 — 1946), Ann. Inst. Pasteur, t. 72, p. 860, 1946.

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