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METALLOZ OF A EYE — a complex of the anatomic and functional changes caused by toxic influence of metal foreign bodys or products of their corrosion on tissues of an eye. Distinguish siderosis of an eye (see), connected with toxic action of ferriferous foreign bodys, halkoz eyes (see), caused by influence of cupriferous foreign bodys. Metalloza from lead, aluminum are less expressed and have no special names. Such metals as platinum, gold, titanium, tantalum, are biologically inert and metalloz do not cause. Degree of manifestation patol, process at M. is various depending on localization, the size, chemical activity and terms of stay of a foreign body in an eye. In an initial stage of M. of it can be shown only by insignificant exudation around a foreign body, and in the subsequent development of a toxic iridocyclitis, uveitis, the dystrophy of a cornea, a retina, a cataract, secondary glaucoma and other signs of a siderosis and halkoz leading to considerable decrease or full loss of visual functions is possible. Special value in diagnosis of toxic dystrophy of the retina tied with M. has carrying out elektrofiziol, researches (see. Electrophysiology of an organ of sight ). Diagnosis, treatment and M.'s prevention of — see. Foreign bodys, eyes .

A. A. Malayev.