METALLICS Mikhail Solomonovich

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METALLICS Mikhail Solomonovich (1896 — 1939) — the organizer of the Soviet health care.

METALLICS Mikhail Solomonovich

The member of the CPSU since 1917. In 1918 the participant of the underground Bolshevist organization for fight against the Central Rada and a petlyurovshchina in Ukraine; in 1919 — 1920 the commissioner of a sanitary part of the 14th army, since 1921 at the leading work in to lay down. - a dignity. management of the Kremlin. In 1927 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. Worked in surgical and urological departments-tsy of Botkin in Moscow under the leadership of P. D. Solovoyea and A. P. Frumkin. Together with the last M. S. Metallikov investigated and administered in practice the drug for a piyelografiya — Sergosinum, took part in the organization of production of this drug in the USSR. Since 1936 the deputy state. medical officer Narkomzdrava of the USSR. Actively participated in reorganization and expansion of activity of bodies State. dignity. inspections in the country.

Works: Secretory (intravenous) piyelografiya, Saturday., posvyashch. to the 35 anniversary doctor., nauch., societies, deyateln. V. N. Rozanova, page 99, M. — L., 1934 (sovm, with Frumkin A. P.).