MESHCHERSKY Herman Ivanovich

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MESHCHERSKY Herman Ivanovich (1874 — 1936) — the Soviet dermatovenerologist, professor, the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1936).

MESHCHERSKY Herman Ivanovich

After the termination in 1898 medical f-that Moscow un-that worked in a skin venerol, clinic of it un-that where since 1908 was the privatdozent. In 1904 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about an idiopathic progressive atrophy of skin and about its relation to a scleroderma. Since 1920 the department chair of skin and venereal diseases of the 2nd MSU, and from 1925 to 1936 and 1 MSU (since 1930 according to the 2nd and 1st MMI).

G. I. Meshchersky published more than 150 scientific works. Found reflection of a problem of a professional dermatosis, medicinal toksikodermiya in its researches, he proved value of microtraumas in a pathogeny of pyodermas. Other its works are devoted veins. to diseases (about veins. diseases at children, about early damages of kidneys at syphilis, about dystrophies at late inborn syphilis, about a problem of an izlechennost and features re-and superinfections at syphilis, and also about the fourth venereal disease, etc.). G. I. Meshchersky is the author of the textbook on skin and venereal diseases.

G. I. Meshchersky was member of the commission on fight against a venerizm (1917 — 1919), the chairman of the commission on fight against inborn syphilis (1926), participated in development of the project State venereologic in-that.

Under edition and with G. I. Meshchersky's notes there were transfers of the guides to occupational diseases of skin of R. P. White and M. Oppengeym, on venereology (Lissa), on skin and venereal diseases [E. Riecke]. In the first BME edition G. I. Meshchersky was an editor of department «Dermatology». A. Ya. Prokopchuk, V. A. Rakhmanov, V. I. Sukharev, N. A. Chernogubov, etc. belong to G. I. Meshchersky's pupils.

Works: To the doctrine about an idiopathic progressive atrophy of skin and about its relation to a scleroderma, a yew., M., 1904; About a feather-loynykh ulcers, M., 1911; Main data on skin and venereal diseases, M., 1917; Treatment of syphilis, M., 1922; The Textbook on skin and venereal diseases, M. — L., 1936.

Bibliography: Grinchar F. N. and Kristanov Ts. A. Memories of the honored worker of science prof. Herman Ivanovich Meshchersky (1874 — 1936), Owls. vestn. veins. and dermas., No. 10, page 876, 1936; With m e-l about in N. of Page and P about m and N of e of N to about G. F. Herman Ivanovich Meshchersky (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Vestn, dermas, and veins., No. 6, page 63, 1974.

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