MESHALKIN Evgeny Nikolaevich

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MESHALKIN Evgeny Nikolaevich (sort. in 1916) — the Soviet surgeon, the academician of AMH (1978), Hera of Socialist Work (1976), the winner of the Lenin award (1960), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1966).

MESHALKIN Evgeny Nikolaevich

After the termination in 1941 of the 2nd MMI participated as the surgeon in the Great Patriotic War. From 1946 to 1956 worked in clinic under the leadership of A. N. Bakulev. Professor since 1954. In 1956 — 1960 the department chair of chest surgery and anesthesiology of TsIU. Since 1960 the director of scientific research institute of pathology of blood circulation of M3 of RSFSR (Novosibirsk).

E. N. Meshalkin published St. 560 scientific works, including 7 monographs. Was engaged in one of the first in the Soviet Union in an intubation anesthesia, applied a method of sounding and a contrast research of heart at diagnosis of its inborn defects. Together with employees developed and implemented in a wedge, practice a number of methods of an operative measure on heart and vessels: the mnogoskrepochny seam of a wall of heart and vessels, including at a patent ductus arteriosus (1957), chrespredserdny access to valves of a pulmonary artery (1957) and at defects of an interventricular partition (1961), executed the USSR's first operation for coarctation of an aorta (1955), etc.; develops a method of operations on «dry» heart without artificial circulation. In the field of surgery of lungs in 1958 executed a resection of an average share and an intermediate bronchial tube concerning adenoma, having successfully carried out an anastomosis of a bronchial tube the end in the end. In an experiment on dogs performed autotransplantation of a lung (1961), and also a lung together with heart (1964); in 1962 — 1964 performed in clinic a series of operations of reimplantation of a lung at bronchial asthma. For the researches on a problem of surgery of inborn heart diseases conducted by it since 1950 to it together with B. V. Petrovsky, A. A. Vishnevsky and P. A. Kupriyanov the Lenin award is awarded. The author of 13 inventions, is awarded gold (1968) and silver (1970) medals of ENEA.

E. N. Meshalkin is the member of a row international about-in surgeons and cardiovascular surgeons, the board member Vsesoyuznykh about-in surgeons and cardiologists, the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo about-va anesthesiologists and resuscitators; associate editor of the Krovoobrashcheniye magazine, editor of editorial department of BME «Cardiovascular surgery. Organ and tissue transplantation».

It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, the gold medal «Sickle and Hammer», awards of Patriotic war of the II degree, the Red Star and medals.

Works: Angiocardiography at patients with inborn heart diseases, a yew., M., 1953; Equipment of an intubation anesthesia, M., 1953; Sounding and contrast research of heart and main vessels, M., 1954; Inborn heart diseases, M., 1955 (sovm, with Bakulev A. N.); The Modern inhalation anesthesia, M., 1959 (sovm, with Smolnikovy V. P.); Tactics of extracardiac operations at inborn heart diseases, Tashkent, 1975 (sovm, with Kremlevy N. I.); Metabolism and structure of a myocardium at inborn heart diseases, Novosibirsk, 1978 (sovm, with other); Various methods of denervation of lungs in surgeries of bronchial asthma, Tashkent, 1978 (sovm, with Alperin L. Ya.).

Bibliography: Evgeny Nikolaevich Meshalkin (To the 50 anniversary since birth), in book: Hir. tactics of operations on bodies of blood circulation, under the editorship of V. I. Fufin, page 3, Novosibirsk, 1967; E. N. Meshalkin (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Eksperim, hir., No. 1, page 89^ 1976.

R. P. Zubarev.