MERZHEEVSKY Ivan Pavlovich

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MERZHEEVSKY Ivan Pavlovich (1838 — 1908) — the domestic psychiatrist.

MERZHEEVSKY Ivan Pavlovich

In 1861 graduated from Medikokhirurgichesky academy and it was left at department of the psychiatry headed by I. M. Balinsky. From 1877 to 1893 the prof. of VMA and the director of its psychiatric clinic. I. P. Merzheevsky possesses 54 scientific works. It developed the materialistic direction in the doctrine about sincere diseases based on the somatic researches given to the general pathology and a stalemate. anatomy of a nervous system. In 1865 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about violent patients. I. P. Merzheevsky got world recognition by the pathoanatomical researches of an idiocy and general paralysis. On the basis of studying of a brain of microcephalus idiots he refuted the «atavistic» theory of an origin of inborn weak-mindedness which is put forward by Vogt (K.Vogt) and showed that between a structure of a brain of microcephalus and monkeys, even antropoidny, there is a basic distinction that at an idiocy in a brain there is not a simple suspension of normal development, and loss of normal properties owing to pathological processes in germinal life or in the early childhood. I. P. Merzheevsky the first described a microgyria at an idiocy. Together with V. Manyan described changes of an ependyma of brain ventricles at a general paralysis (1872). Confirmed existence of openings of Marangdi and Lushki, opened places of the message with subarachnoid space in the lower horns of side ventricles.

I. P. Merzheevsky paid to fight against alcoholism much attention. Was one of organizers of the I congress of the Russian psychiatrists. Under its management the clinic of sincere and nervous diseases of VMA was constructed. I. P. Merzheevsky was a supporter of the admission of women to the higher education; on female medical courses read psychiatry. V. Ya. Anfimov, V. M. Bekhterev, L. V. Blumenau, I. M. Popov, P. Ya. Rozenbakh, I. A. Sikorsky, V. F. Chizh, A. E. Shcherbak, etc. are among his pupils.

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