MERKOV Arkady Mikhaylovich

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MERKOV Arkady Mikhaylovich (1899 — 1971) — the Soviet scientist in the field of medical statistics, dokt. medical sciences (1938), professor (1933). The member of the CPSU since 1922.

MERKOV Arkady Mikhaylovich

After the termination in 1923. Kharkiv medical in-that managed Starabelsky, then the Vinnytsia district public health department (1924-1929). Since 1934 the department chair of social hygiene Kharkiv medical in-that, and is later department of the organization of health care Kharkiv in-that than improvement of doctors, at the same time managed department of social pathology of malignant new growths of Ukrainian onkol, in-that (1929 — 1941). From 1943 to 1949 there was the head of department of medical statistics of M3 of the USSR and at the same time a department chair a dignity. statistics of TsIU, then till 1963 managed department of statistics of health of the population Ying-that the organizations of health care and history of medicine of N. A. Semashko.

A. M. Merkov published St. 170 scientific works, from them 23 monographic characters concerning the theory, techniques and stories of sanitary statistics, on demographic statistics, statistics of incidence, statistics of health care, social hygiene and the organization of health care. A. M. Merkov was an initiator and the organizer Soviet onkol, the statistics studying cancer cases and mortality from it. Developed the principles of a sampling method of studying of the general incidence of the population, created school of physicians-demographers, improved techniques of the sanitarnodemografichesky analysis of the state of health of the population. It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Malignant new growths in Ukraine, Prevalence, social and pathological value, Kharkiv, 1940; General theory and technique of a sanitary and statistical research, M., 1960, 1969; Methodical problems of a selective research of the general incidence, M., 1962; Demographic statistics, M., 1965; Sanitary statistics, L., 1974 (sovm, with Polyakov L. M.).

Bibliography: Poor M. S. Arkady Mikhaylovich Merkov's memory, Owls. zdravookhr., No. 3, page 83, 1972.

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