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MERKAMIN (Mercaminimi; synonym: Becaptan, Cysteamine, Mercaptamimum) — radio shielding agent from group of aminothiols. beta Mercaptoethylamine; With 2 H 7 NS:

HS — CH 2 — CH 2 — NH 2

The m was the first representative of radio protective agents from group of aminothiol connections.

In an experiment has preventive radio protective action at acute radiation injury and increases resistance to action of ionizing radiation. The most expressed radio protective action of M. is shown at its intravenous administration in 10 — 30 min. prior to radiation.

As radio protective agent M. did not find application in medical practice since possesses a number of essential shortcomings (high toxicity, small therapeutic width, short duration of effect, etc.). However M. use in an experiment as a standard at assessment of radio protective activity of new chemical connections.

See also Radioprotectors .

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