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MERIDIL (Meridilum; synonym: Centedrin, Methylphenidati Hydrochloridum, Methylphenidate Hydrochloride, Rilatine, Ritalin, joint venture. A) — psychogogic means.

Methyl ether phenyl - (2) - piperidylacetic to - you are a hydrochloride; With 14 H 19 NO 2 • HCl

White crystal powder; let's well dissolve in water and alcohol, it is worse — in acetone, benzene and chloroform, it is badly ether-soluble also ethyl acetate; t ° pl 198,5 — 199,5 °.

Similarly to Phenaminum (see) strengthens release of catecholamines from presynaptic nerves in c. the N of page, and also possesses a nek-eye postsynaptic action, but unlike Phenaminum exerts less expressed impact on peripheral adrenoceptors and therefore significantly does not influence peripheric circulation. On psychogogic activity concedes to Phenaminum. During the studying of the mechanism of action of M. it was established that it, like Phenaminum, in small doses raises, and in big brakes activity of Na + -, K + - dependent ATP-ase of a brain. At the same time the inhibiting effect is caused, apparently, by M.'s competition to ions of Na + for the respective sites of a molecule of enzyme.

Commercial drugs M. contain mix eritro-and treoizomer. The stimulating M.'s effect on c. the N of page is caused by existence of a treoizomer; erythroisomer is almost inactive concerning c. N of page. Both isomers M. have weak peripheral sympathomimetic effect. In M.'s experiment increases physical activity at animals, causes a stereotypy, a hyperthermia, it is active according to the test of group toxicity. The m is an antagonist of anesthetics, hypnagogues and neuroleptics.

M. apply in psychiatric and nevrol, practice for treatment of depressive and asthenic states, at increased fatigue. There are data on M.'s use as diagnostic and predictive means at inspection of patients with schizophrenia.

Appoint inside 0,01 — 0,015 g to reception. Average daily dose of 0,01 — 0,03 g. A course of treatment of 2 — 4 weeks up to 3 — 4 months.

Side effect The m is shown by sleeplessness, feeling of internal concern and alarm; at patients with schizophrenia the aggravation psikhopatol is possible. symptoms. At prolonged use can cause accustoming and medicinal * dependence.

Form of release: tablets on 0,01 g

See also Psychogogic means .

Bibliography: Altshuler R. A. Pharmacological properties eritro-and treoizomer of meridil, Pharm, and toksikol., t. 37, No. 4, page 410, 1974.

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