MEREZHKOVSKY Sergey Sergeyevich

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MEREZHKOVSKY Sergey Sergeyevich (1862 — 1930) — the Soviet bacteriologist.

MEREZHKOVSKY Sergey Sergeyevich

In 1893 ended VMA. Worked in Kronstadt, then managed deratization department in Min-va laboratory of agriculture.

After Great October socialist revolution headed the same department in Ying-those pilot agronomics.

S. S. Merezhkovsky's works in the field of deratization are devoted to hl. obr. to development bacterial, methods of destruction of mouse-like rodents. In 1893 from the gophers sent from the Samara province where there was an epizooty it allocated the strain of a microbe which was pathogenic for many species of mice, called afterwards Salmonella typhimurium to-ry was applied in fight against house and field mice. He paid much attention in practice of fight against rats also to use of strains of the microbes allocated with B. L. Isachenko and J. Danysz. S. S. Merezhkovsky studied conditions, at to-rykh microbes keep virulence for rats and are harmless to the person and animals; created a medium for their cultivation.

Works: Research of 8-year bouillon culture bacillus of suslikovy typhus (V. typhi spermophilorum), Works agricultural. - bakt. laboratories, t. 1, page 9, SPb., 1909; Duration of preservation of virulence of agar cultures bacillus of Danysz'a, there she, t. 4, page 181, SPb., 1912; Results of mass use of cultures Danish's bacillus (V. Danysz) for destruction of rats, Pg., 1923.

V. I. Vashkov.