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MERCHANDIZING MEDICAL — the discipline studying the potrebitelny cost of goods of medical prescription, their classification, standardization, properties, quality and ability to remain depending on starting materials, manufacturing techniques, conditions of transportation and storage.

T. the m includes the nomenclature of medical tools, devices and devices, dressing and sutural materials, objects of patient care, the x-ray, physiotherapeutic, electrodiagnostic, dental surgery, dental, laboratory and sterilizing equipment combined by the name medical equipment (see).

The medical merchandizing in the USSR develops conditions of improvement of quality of goods of medical appointment, preservation of their physical and chemical and mechanical characteristics. Their quality is estimated according to the state standards and technical specifications obligatory for performance.

Teaching bases of T. with m in our country it was for the first time begun on f-those sanitary defense of TsIU where since 1933 entered a course of medical supply and equipment. Further in pharmaceutical in-that x the course of medical and sanitary supply was entered, in to-ry elements T entered. m. T. m as an independent subject matter it was created at the USSR's first department of military-medical supply created in VMA in 1943 where A. P. Hrenov in 1945 for the first time read a course of medical merchandizing.

See also Medical supply .

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