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MEPHOLINUM (Mepholinum; synonym: Gracidinum, Adiposid, Anorex, Dexfenmetrazine, Gracidin, Phenmetrazinum, Preludin etc.; joint venture. A) — anorexigenic means. 2-Fenil-Z-metiltetragidro-1,4-oksazina hydrochloride. Possesses the expressed side effect connected with the stimulating influence on c. N of page and excitement of adrenoceptors of cardiovascular system (acrimony, concern, sleeplessness, tachycardia, arrhythmias, increase in the ABP). At prolonged use of M. the phenomena of accustoming and medicinal dependence were noted. In this regard M. is excluded from the list of the pharmaceuticals allowed for use (the order of the Minister of Health of the USSR No. 274 of April 1, 1974).

See also Anorexigenic means .

V. V. Churyukanov.