MENZBIR Mikhail Aleksandrovich

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MENZBIR Mikhail Aleksandrovich (1855 — 1935) — the Soviet zoologist evolutionist, the biogeographer, the comparative anatomist, the academician (1929).

MENZBIR Mikhail Aleksandrovich

Ended in 1878 physical. - a mat. f-t Moscow un-that. Pupil and follower of the founder of domestic zoogeography evolutionist N. A. Severtsov. In 1885 protected dokt, the thesis about comparative osteology of penguins. Since 1886 the prof. of a comparative anatomy (since 1909 honored professor). In 1911, being the vice rector Moscow un-that, in protest at disturbance of un-tsky autonomy by the reactionary minister of education of Kasso left from un-that and was one of heads of a protest campaign. In 1911 — 1917 — professional. Moscow high female courses. After the February revolution of 1917 returned to un-t and was his rector (1917 — 1919), then the prof. of MSU on 1935

M. A. Menzbir created domestic school of ornithology, developed the historical and landscape directions in zoogeography. It published 116 scientific works, are written apprx. 50 large articles for the Encyclopaedic dictionary of Grenades. In 1888 — 1893 completed processing of the materials collected by N. A. Severtsov and published 4 volumes «Ornithology of Turkestan». In the monograph «Zoogeographical Sites of the Turkestan Region and Probable Origin of Fauna of the Last» (1914) underlay the principles of zoogeographical zoning. M. A. Menzbir developed Palearktikin's division zoogeographical zones. His book «Birds of Russia» (2 volumes, 1895) — the first fundamental report on avifauna of the country. M. A. Menzbir — one of the most outstanding propagandists of Darwinism in Russia. In 1882 made article about problems of theory of evolution, in 1927 published the book «For Darwin», was an editor of complete works of Darwin (1925 — 1929). Being large authority on a comparative anatomy, it made a contribution to development of anthropotomy. Under its edition in Russia the three-volume atlas of anthropotomy made by V. Shpaltegolts was published.

M. A. Menzbir was a member Moscow about-va testers of the nature (since 1880) and the president of it about-va (1915 — 1935), the editor and the initiator of many editions about-va on studying of fauna and flora of Russia, the founder of the Moscow school of comparative anatomists, ornithologists, zoogeographers. Among his pupils there is A. N. Severtsov, P. P. Sushkin, N. K. Koltsov, S. I. Ognev, G. P. Dementiev.

Works: Ornithological geography of the European Russia, Uchen, notes Mosk., un-that, otd. natures. - an ist., century 2-3, page 1, 1882, century 7, page 53, 1892; Comparative osteology of penguins in the annex to the main divisions of a class of birds, M., 1885; Birds of Russia, t. 1 — 2, M., 1893 — 1895; Hunting and game birds of the European Russia and Caucasus, t. 1 — 2, M., 1900 — 1902; The zoogeographical atlas (sovm, with V. A. Vatagin), M., 1912; Great Ice Age of Europe, Pg., 1923; For Darwin, M. — D., 1927; Migrations of birds from the zoogeographical point of view, M. — D., 1934; The Sketch of history of fauna of the European part of the USSR, M. — D., 1934.

Bibliography: Dementiev G. P. Mikhail Aleksandrovich Menzbir, M., 1950; Kuroyedov A. I. Fight of outstanding scientists for materialism in biology, page 49, M., 1966; Memories of the academician Mikhail Aleksandrovich Menzbir, under the editorship of Ya. M. Kulagin, M. — D., 1937.

H. N. Vorontsov, G. P. Dementiev.