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MENU-LAYOUT — the list of the dishes of a diet distributed on separate meals with the indication of weight, content of the main feedstuffs and energy value of food stuffs.

Drawing up the menu layout is made for the purpose of control of a condition of food of organized groups of the population from the point of view of it fiziol, values, and also for development of actions for the prevention of diseases of an alimentary origin.

At assessment of food according to the menu layout need of the person for food and biologically active agents and energy value of a diet taking into account age, sex, professions, extents of public service, sports activities, the climatic zone according to fiziol, norms of food of various groups of the population is considered.

The menu layout is formed for 7 — 10 days with observance of necessary volume of food (700 g of nonvolatile solids and 2,2 — 2,5 l of water), a variety of the range of dishes and products as but to separate days of the week, and during every day and each meal. According to the menu layout it is possible to estimate also a diet.

By drawing up the menu layout are considered a possibility of providing with the products provided in the menu (seasonality of nek-ry products), and also national and household habits of the population. The menu layout is formed according to a certain scheme. For assessment of nutrition and energy value of food there are help tables, in to-rykh data on the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates etc. on 100 g of an edible part of foodstuff, i.e. exempted from waste at culinary processing are provided.

By drawing up the menu layout it is necessary to use the collections and the guides (published and approved by the Ministry of Trade of the USSR for catering establishments, treatment and prevention facilities, schools, preschool institutions and technical training colleges), in to-rykh compoundings of various dishes and culinary products are offered. From the relevant normative documents write out cards layouts of separate dishes with amending according to local conditions and a season. Cards layouts number and systematize in a card file by types and ways of culinary processing. Use of cards layouts of separate dishes facilitates work on drawing up the menu layout.

The menu layout forms the basis for drawing up the menu requirement (F 299), a cut is the official document regulating an extract of products and their embedding each dish for employees of catering departments.

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