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MENTHONE (Menton) — the seaside climatic resort in France. One of the largest resorts of the French Riviera. It is located at height apprx. 30 m at a foot of the Alps, to the East above sea-level from Nice (see), at border with Italy. Close M. are located numerous caves, in to-rykh there are monuments of culture of the prehistoric person. As the resort M. began to develop from the second half of 19 century. One of the most popular resorts of France, especially during a winter season. Climate of the Mediterranean type. The m is in depth of the bay which is well protected from winds. Average annual temperature apprx. 16 °, summer hot (average monthly temperature of July 24 °), winter warm, solar (average monthly temperature of January apprx. 9 °). The greatest number of rainfall — from November to March, number of rainy days for this period 23. The long season of sea bathings and the wide sandy beach create favorable conditions for aero heliothalassotherapy.

Indications — the general for the southern seaside resorts (diseases of exchange, nek-ry allergic diseases, tuberculosis of extra pulmonary localization, an asthenic state).

V. V. Poltoranov.