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MENTHOL (Mentholum, GFH) — a revellent. 1-2-Izopropil-5-metiltsiklogeksanol-1; With 10 H 20 O:

Colourless crystals with a strong smell of a peppermint and the cooling taste. Letuch at a normal temperature it is also overtaken with water vapor. At M.'s grinding with equal amount of camphor, Chlorali hydras, phenol, resorcin or methyl-isopropyl phenol liquids are formed. We will dissolve in water very little, we will very easily dissolve in 95% alcohol, ether, acetic to - those, we will easily dissolve in liquid paraffin and fatty oils. Pier. weight (weight) 156,27, tpl ° 41 — 44 °. Receive from essential oil of a peppermint or by synthesis.

The m has the irritating and weak antiseptic action. During the drawing on skin and mucous membranes of an oral cavity selectively excites cold receptors owing to what there is cold sense, vasoconstriction and a nek-swarm reduction of painful sensitivity. After putting solutions M. on a mucous membrane of language reflex vasodilatation of extremities and in some cases — coronary vessels is noted.

At the dispeptic phenomena M.'s reception inside causes feeling of heat in a stomach, reduction of nausea, pains and a meteorism that is caused a nek-eye by spasmolytic action of M., and also acceleration of fuming from intestines.

The m is quickly soaked up in went. - kish. a path the hl is also allocated. obr. kidneys, partially liver and lungs. Under the influence of M. there is a fluidifying of a phlegm and acceleration of its evacuation from bronchial tubes.

Outwardly M. apply as the distracting and antipruritic means. At neuralgia, arthralgias and mialgiya appoint for vtiraniye 2% spirit solution or 10% an oil suspension; at an itch — 0,5% spirit solution or 1% lanolinovo-vaseline ointment. At M.'s migraine apply in the form of a menthol pencil (to rubbing of skin in temporal area).

At diseases of upper respiratory tracts of M. appoint for inhalations, greasings, and also in the form of drops in Nov (1 — 2% oil solutions). M.'s use for greasing of a nasopharynx is contraindicated to children of early age (in connection with a possibility of reflex disorders of breath).

At M.'s stenocardia appoint on 2 — 3 drops 5% of spirit solution on a piece of sugar or bread, to-rye recommend to detain under language. Inside M. is appointed at nausea, a gastralgia, a meteorism on 2 — 3 drops of 1 — 5% of spirit solution, it is frequent in combination with other means. For the purpose of reduction of dry cough of M. apply in the form of menthol pastils (often together with anisic oil) to suction.

The m usually has no side effect. In rare instances can cause allergic reactions.

Forms of release: powder: oil menthol 1 and 2%; solution M. of spirit 1 and 2%; a pencil menthol (in a plastic case). Keep in well corked container in the cool place.

The m is a part of tooth drops, validol (see), Zelenin's thaw (see. Zelenina of a drop ), Boromentholum ointments, tablets «Pectusin», drops «Eucatolum», Corvalol (see), Menovasinum, Edcamonum ointment, the drug «Inhacamphum», an aerosol of Kamfomen, etc., and also in the menthol pastils (containing 0,7% of menthol) and the anisomentolovy pastils (containing 0,1% of menthol). The m is also a part of pastes for sealing of teeth.

See also the Irritating substances .

Bibliography: Mashkovsky M. D. Pharmaceuticals, p.1, with, 311, M., 1977

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