MELNICHENKO Afanasy Kondratyevich

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MELNICHENKO Afanasy Kondratyevich (sort. in 1923) — the Soviet state and party figure, the organizer of the medical industry and pharmaceutical matter in the USSR, the edging. pharm. sciences.

MELNICHENKO Afanasy Kondratyevich

The member of the Central audit commission of the CPSU (since 1976), the minister of the medical industry of the USSR (since 1975), the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR (since 1979). The member of the CPSU since 1943. Participant of the Great Patriotic War.

In 1950 ended Odessa pharm, in-t. The deputy chief of the Head pharmaceutical department of M3 of the USSR worked with the managing regional pharmaceutical management, and since 1952. In 1956 — 1959 the secretary of Communist Party committee of M3 of the USSR, in 1959 — 1964 the director Central pharmaceutical research in-that.

Since 1964 was at party and Soviet work: in 1964 — 1968 the first secretary of the Lenin district committee of the CPSU of Moscow, in 1968 — 1970 the manager. department of science and higher education institutions of MSC of the CPSU, in 1970 — 1975 the deputy chairman of the Moscow Council.

Scientific works of A. K. Melnichenko are devoted to hl. obr. to questions of historical development and the organization of pharmaceutical economy in the USSR. In the thesis of «A basis of development of pharmaceutical matter in the USSR during the post-war period» (1963) A. To. Melnichenko developed the main directions of development of pharmaceutical matter in the USSR, organizational forms and the principles of provision of medicines of the population during the developed construction of communism. A number of its works is devoted to questions of improvement of management of pharmaceutical economy of the country, advance planning of development of pharmacy chain, improvement of the organization of quality control of medicines, expansions of production of pharmaceuticals and development of the medical industry.

A. K. Melnichenko was repeatedly elected the member of MSC of the CPSU, the deputy of the Moscow city council of deputies of workers. XXIII and XXV congresses of the CPSU were a delegate. Consisted the board member Vsesoyuznogo scientific pharmaceutical about-va (1952 — 1965), the member of the editorial office of the Pharmaceutical Business magazine (1959 — 1964). «the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by awards of the Labour Red Banner, the Red Star.

Works: Main directions of further development of pharmaceutical matter in the USSR, Saturday. nauch. works Center, pharmaceutical nauch. - issled, in-that, t. 4, page 5, M., 1963; We will realize Decisions of the XXV congress of the CPSU, Chemical - pharm. zhurn., t. 10, JsTs 3, page 3, 1976; The Medical industry of the USSR, in book: 60 years of owls. zdravookhr., glavn. an edition of V. V., Petrovsky, page 231, 1977 (sovm, with Natrad-z A. G.); The Five-years period, year the fourth, Chemical - pharm. zhurn., t. 13, No. 5, page 3, 1979.

A. G. Natradze.