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MELLICTINUM (Mellictinum, joint venture. A) — kurarepodobny means anti-depolarizing like action. Hydroiodide of alkaloid of methyllycaconitine (C 37 H 50 NaO 10 ), contained in different types of a delphinium (setchatoplodny, semi-bearded, etc.) this. crowfoot family (Ranunculaceae). It is slightly soluble in water and alcohol, is non-hygroscopic.

The m is salt of tertiary base. In this regard after intake of M. it is well soaked up from went. - kish. a path also blocks neuromuscular transmission. M. antagonists are prozerin (see) and others antikholinesterazny means (see).

M. apply for decrease in the raised muscle tone at diseases of pyramidal and extrapyramidal character with disorders of motive functions (e.g., at parkinsonism, Littl's disease, etc.).

Appoint inside 0,02 g of 1 — 5 times a day during 3 weeks — 2 months usually in combination with other pharmaceuticals and to lay down. gymnastics.

At hypersensitivity to M. or overdose muscular weakness and respiratory depression are possible. The m is contraindicated at a myasthenia, an abnormal liver function and kidneys, a decompensation of heart.

Form of release: tablets on 0,02 g. Keep under the lock in the place protected from light.

See also Kurarepodobny substances .

B. A. Medvedev.