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MELKERSSONA-ROZENTALYA SYNDROME (E. G. Melkersson, Swedish doctor, 1898 — 1932; Page of Rosenthal, sovr. it is mute. the neurologist) — the symptom complex which is characterized by a combination of recurrent hypostasis of lips (is more rare than other part of the face), recurrent unilateral (is more rare bilateral) neuritis of a facial nerve and folded language. Hypostasis of a lip and neuritis of a facial nerve are more often combined; the combination of three symptoms happens at 20 — 30% of patients.

Etiology and pathogeny M — R. finally are not found out by page; the most possibly infectious and allergic origin; it is possible that the syndrome is a consequence of dysfunction of a facial nerve.

Patogistologiya of edematous sites: inflammatory infiltrate of various expressiveness of diffusion or focal character is located preferential around vessels and consists generally of lymphocytes, granulematozny ochazhka can appear further.

Increase in an under lip and asymmetry of nasolabial folds as a result of right-hand neuritis of a facial nerve and paresis of mimic muscles at Melkersson's syndrome — Rosenthal.

Symptoms diseases arise not at the same time; both hypostasis of a lip, and neuritis of a facial nerve (see. Facial nerve ) arise suddenly, then recur. After several recurrence process becomes stable, the lip gets the big sizes, a pasty consistence (is more rare plotnoelastichesky), the red border is as if turned out. As a result of neuritis paresis of mimic muscles develops, asymmetry of nasolabial folds (fig.) is observed. Folded language is found not in all patients (see. Glossitis ). During a recurrence there can be headaches, body temperature increases.

Differential diagnosis carry out with a Quincke's edema (see. Quincke hypostasis ), the makrokheyliya arising owing to hron, inflammatory diseases of lips (see. Lips ), lymphangioma (see), and also with a granulematozny cheilitis of Misher (see. Cheilitis ).

Treatment symptomatic: appoint corticosteroids, antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity, fortifying means, etc. In the started cases perhaps operational excision of a part of the bay.

Forecast for life favorable; in nek-ry cases hypostasis and neuritis regress spontaneously.

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A. L. Mashkilleyson.