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MELIORATION — set of the organizational and economic and technical actions directed to radical improvement of edaphic-climatic conditions, and also promoting the decision nek-ry a dignity. - a gigabyte. and epidemiological tasks. The m gives the chance to change a complex of an environment (soil, hydrological, etc.) extensive regions in the direction, necessary for economic activity of the person, to create the water, air and thermal modes of soils and the modes of humidity, temperature and the movement of air, favorable for useful flora and fauna, in a ground layer of the atmosphere, promotes improvement of the area and improvement of the environment.

The main directions of meliorative works in our country are: drainage of swamps is also excessive the humidified lands; irrigation of lands in droughty agricultural areas; seasonal and long-term regulation of a drain of the rivers by the device of water reservoirs and transfer of waters within one or different pools for the best providing

anhydrous and shallow areas with water resources; improvement of lands with adverse physical and chemical properties (the solonetzic soils salted and acid soils) that is reached by the correct crop rotation, selection of cultures, technology of cultivation, liming, deep processing of the soil, etc.

M. promotes the successful decision a gigabyte. and epidemiol, tasks. So, construction water reservoirs (see) and irrigating obvodnitelnykh systems considerably improves a dignity. living conditions of the population, in particular water use.

However M. can lead also to adverse effects: to rise or decrease in level of subsoil waters, salinization of soils. Besides, collector and drainage waters of irrigating systems are considerably contaminated by pesticides, vysokomineralizovana in this connection below descent of these waters quality of water of reservoirs sharply worsens. Therefore the complex of actions at design, construction, reconstruction and operation of water reservoirs includes actions: on a dignity. to preparation of the territory of flooding: on protection of the water reservoirs which are carried out before their filling and during operation and a measure for the prevention of disturbances a dignity. living conditions of the population. The similar complex of actions is provided at design, construction, reconstruction and operation irrigating obvodnitelnykh systems (see. Sanitary protection of reservoirs ).

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G. A. Tsaturova.